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Screening candidates
The CV is often the first contact with a candidate. But, alone it is insufficient. Pre-employment assessment Lite- H.C.A. Orderly (P.A.B) takes no more than 15 or 20 minutes to complete and generates a comparative analysis report that is useful, practical andallows human resources decision makers make a better decision faster.

Internal evaluation
Pre-employment assessment Lite- H.C.A. Orderly (P.A.B) is a simple and effective solution to predict and manage the performance of your staff. This is part of a series of tests specifically targeting individuals working as an H.C.A. Orderly (P.A.B). It is used to quickly predict the performance or training needs. An online assessment, that easily adapts to your hiring process and training needs.

Developed by nurses and teachers, it covers four assessment areas: Knowledge, skills, ability to solve problems and manage difficult situations. The questions asked in each test are relevant, precise and based on the job requirements. The test is easily integrated to complement a training program or internal review.